Our children are sexual beings from birth—which may not be comfortable to think about, much less talk about. There’s so much to teach, so many situations and questions that come up, and so many emotions involved (for both parents and kids). Then puberty happens, and then they become teenagers….

Sometimes you may want guidance on how to deal with it all.

To make things easier, I offer a 3-session birds-and-bees coaching package that will give you tools to build a foundation for healthy sexuality and a stronger relationship with your child. As a parent, therapist, and author of a forthcoming book on talking with kids about sexuality, I can help you work through your nervousness, think about your goals, and find words that work for you.

Birds-and-bees coaching can help with:

  • Teaching young kids about bodies, conception, privacy, and respect
  • Communicating in ways that don’t create unhelpful shame
  • Conversations about puberty
  • Deciding how much freedom to allow at a given age
  • Guiding teens about social pressures that affect sexual choices
  • Questions about orientation or gender identity
  • Teens becoming sexually active
  • Anything else related to your child and sexuality

How it works: Parents meet with me for 3 weekly, 50-minute sessions. (If possible, both parents should attend.) The package fee is $330 (a savings of more than 10%). Additional sessions are available, but usually, after 3 sessions you’ll feel prepared to inform and guide your child.

Questions? Contact me at JWhitneyLMFT@gmail.com or 860-434-1238. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the process and how it might help you and your family. Looking forward to talking with you!